Cosmetic Surgery in Phuket or Bangkok, Thailand

Cosmetic Surgery in Phuket or Bangkok, Thailand


Have you considered having Cosmetic Surgery abroad?

If the answer is Yes, the good news is that you can have your  cosmetic surgery whilst recuperating on the beautiful tropical Island of Phuket ,or the busy city of Bangkok. Imagine no waiting lists, and at affordable prices. Imagine this picture, you returning home to show your partner, family, friends and work colleagues the new revitalized you. Health Vision Asia is your guide to Cosmetic Surgery abroad. Health Vision Asia is a pioneer in medical tourism.

Phuket Hospitals, Bangkok Hospitals, Thailand Hospitals. Phuket plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery centers and medical centers which are based in Thailand are among the most advanced medical facilities in the world. JCI accredited World-class Hospitals. High Quality. Affordable. No Waiting list and with the latest technology and the same high standards as in the U.S. and other western facilities.  With the highliy qualified surgeons and doctors who are westernized trained.

Health Vision Asia with its vast experience works closely with the partner hospitals. The benefits for you are that Health Vision Asia will assist in every aspect of your plastic cosmetic surgery medical vacation. From your personal consultation to appointment, travel planning, transfers, hotels and tours. A leader in Health tourism.

Health Vision Asia is the first and the original all-in-one medical service provider in Asia and was established in 2003, this website went live 23rd March 2004.






"We had a great holiday and were very impressed with the doctors treatment and dentist, it was very professional and we were made to feel extremely comfortable in a foreign country.
We are planning to come back to Thailand next year and book some further treatment at the hospital.  I will email you when the time comes with our instructions." 

"Everything is great and the procedure was a complete success.
We are currently still over in Thailand and Natalie is very happy with the service you and the hospital have provided for us.
Also had some dental treatment myself which was excellent."

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Cosmetic Surgery in Phuket or Bangkok, Thailand Cosmetic Surgery in Phuket or Bangkok, Thailand


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